GPS/GPRS Tracker-MT-102
Automatic Identification System
Automatic Identification System
SANAV provides safe and reliable AIS key components by integrating a dual channel VHF transceiver and GPS receiver . It is designed to broadcast its own vessel's position and receive the position data from the surrounding vessels in order to prevent collisions.
Application Diagram
  • Equipped with 2-channel AIS transceiver
  • Embedded with GPS receiver
  • Equipped with GPS antenna
  • Improved safety
  • Collision avoidance
Dimensions 140mm (L) x131.4mm (W) x 46mm (H)
Weight 550g
Battery Power DC (9~30V)
Average power consumption 4W
Peak current rating 2A
GPS Receiver (AIS Internal) IEC 61108-1 compliant
Electrical Interfaces RS232 38.4kBaud bi-directional
RS422 NMEA 38.4kBaud bi-directional
Connectors Power 4 -pole Plug
VHF Antenna connector BNC
GPS Antenna connector TNC
Interface RS232/RS422
VHF Transceiver Transmitter x 1
Receiver x 2
Frequency: 161.975 to 162.025 MHz in 25 kHz steps
Output Power 33dBm กำ 1.5 dB
Channel Bandwidth 25kHz
Channel Step 25kHz
Bit rate 9600 b/s กำ 50 ppm (GMSK)
RX Sensitivity Sensitivity: - 107dBm 25kHz
Environmental IEC 60945 Operating Temperature: 0 oC to +55oC
Indicators On, TX, RX, Status, TX timeout, Error, TX Off
This specification is subject to change without prior notice...
Drawing of AIS-700
Top View
Side View
3D View