• Fast acquisition & re-acquisition
  • Low power consumption, only 1.08 Watt
  • DGPS capable. (RTCM SC-104 interface)
  • User configurable output sentences
  • Standard NMEA 0183 output
  • User programmable output time interval
  • User selectable datum
  • Pole mount to 1"-14 UNS threaded mast
  • Wide operating voltage range 8~40V DC *Compact construction/fully waterproof
  • Excellent noise immunity
  • Easy installation/ operation
  • Marine GPS
  • GIS
  • Land Surveyor
  • Mobile GPS
Integrated GPS Receiver & Antenna
The integration of a high-performance GPS receiver & an active GPS antenna to fulfill your needs of rapid & excellent vehicle navigation.
The GPS NAVPAC VP-200 is the integration of a high performance GPS receiver and an active GPS antenna in a very compact/weatherproof enclosure, which mounts just like an antenna! It outputs Lat/Lon, Time, Speed, Course, and Satellite Data in standard NMEA0183 protocol and at RS232 level which can be linked directly to a broad range of navigation equipment such as plotters, sounders, radar, fishfinders, and electronic charts for navigation on GPS 24 hours a day at free of charge. The NAVPAC VP-200 is capable of operating over a wide range of unregulated input voltages with low power consumption by the use of a built-in switching regulator. Its GPS receiver and associated circuit are properly shielded with metal frames to prevent interference induced by other radio transmitting equipment. When input with RTCM SC-104 correction data, the NAVPAC VP-200 is capable of processing differential GPS (DGPS) real time to provide the user with a low cost solution for obtaining a higher positioning accuracy. With the most advanced GPS receiver and antenna design, the NAVPAC VP-200 has been proven to have exceptionally high performance even under the most adverse condition. It continues to track on satellites and provides GPS data during severe pitching and rolling in navigation. It is also proven to be able to re-acquire the satellites and fix on the position very quickly after a short period of signal obstruction. In brief, the NAVPAC VP-200 facilitates GPS upgrades on your existing equipment and offers you immediate value in terms of equipment savings and also exceptional GPS navigation performance!
Construction: High impact, corrosion-proof polycarbonate resin, hermetically sealed & waterproof
Dimension: 4.5" diameter x 2.9" height
Weight: 360g (w/o cable & connector)
Standard Mounting: Pole mount to 1"-14 threaded mast
Length: 15 meter 2464 cable (standard), & 30 m (optional)
Description: Multi-color conductors strained in a shielded/weatherproof jacket
Housing: 7 pin circular, hermetically sealed
Pins: Gold plated for anti-corrosion
Output Protocol: NMEA 0183, 4800 baud rate
Signal Level: RS-232 or RS-422 (optional)
Standard Output Sentences: GLL,GGA,VTG,ZDA
Custom Output Sentences: GSV, GLL, RMC
Output Interval: 0~60 sec. Selectable
Operating Mode: 2D or 3D automatic
Satellite Mask: SNR Elevation, PDOP
Interface: RS-232 (standard) & RS-422 (optional)
Datum: WGS-84 plus 170 user-selectable datum
Extended Input Voltage: Up to DC 60V
Input Power: 8~40V DC with reverse protection
Voltage Regulator: On-board, switching mode
Consumption: 1.08 Watt typical
EMI Filter: power line interference rejection
Antenna: High-reliability ceramic patch
Antenna LNA Gain: 26+/-2dBi, NF: 2.0dB max.
Receiver Frequency: 1575.42 MHz, C/A code
Receiver Architecture: 12-channel all-in-view algorithm tracking with up to 12 satellites
DGPS Capability: direct RTCM-SC104 interface
Acquisition Time: warm start -- 18 sec. (2D or 3D) cold start -- 40 sec. (2D or 3D)
Position Accuracy: 15m or 50 feet RMS*
Velocity Accuracy: 0.1 knots RMS steady state
Update Rate: 1 sec. continuous
Dynamic Tracking: Velocity: 0~650 mph (0~300 m/sec)/ Acceleration: 2g
Datum: WGS-84 plus 170 user-selectable datum
Operating Temperature: -30X C~ +75X C
Storage Temperature: -40X C~ +85X C
Relative Humidity: 95% non-condensing
Water Resistance: 100% waterproof
This specification is subject to change without prior notice...